“Mercy on the Trail”

AUGUST 30, 2022 https://www.Amazon.com/dp/B09D9XWYY8

Book #2 in the Mercy Trilogy will be released exclusively on Amazon. US President Langford is facing opposition during a re-election. She must make a difficult decision in order to do what’s best for her country. The US border is compromised when a drug lord’s activities threaten our Nation’s security.

Meanwhile, FBI Agent Ann Vern and Secret Service Agent Steve Flex team up once again to search for links to a series of Appalachian Trail murders. False rumors spread when an attention seeker posts erroneous blogs on a popular hiking website. The President’s daughters are warned about possible danger before embarking on a hiking expedition.

The EPA receives complaints and discovers numerous violations against a fracking corporation. An ex-UFC fighter isn’t very happy about that because he’s been trying to bring his grandfather’s business back to life. 

Residents protest at a public hearing when they learn that the proposed pipeline will cross the Appalachian Trail. Big bucks have been invested in this project. 

A security breach leads to a terrorist plot against America. 

See who will be begging for mercy when it all unfolds.

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